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The goal of the California Title 24 energy standards is the reduction of energy use. This is a benefit to all. Property owners save money and have comfortable living/working areas! As well, our environment and electrical grid are less negatively impacted. Since 1978 all new homes, additions, alterations, and commercial buildings in California must meet minimum energy efficiency standards contained in Title 24, Part 6 of the California Code of Regulations.  From heating and air efficiency to your roof, the Title 24 pushes the limit to ensure installations are as efficient as possible with today's manufacturing and building standards.  The Title 24 is revised every 3 years and updated when ever Federal efficiency mandates change.  Specific tests and inspections are required to ensure the project is in compliance with the Title 24. These are performed by a certified HERS Rater.  The broken duct on this page is leaking both cooled and heated air into a crawlspace.  That is air not reaching the living or working area, costing the property owner lots of money.  The Title 24 testing and verifications seek to stop this needless waste of money and energy.  We can walk you through your project and it's compliance with the Title 24.

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