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Common Title 24 services include,

residential and commercial Duct Leakage. Residential QII and BPI CAZ testing. We also provide non-certified Air Balance for commercial projects.  Many other tests might be required on your project. Give us a call to review!




Over time, the duct work that supplies heat and cool air to your home, can degrade, get damaged or may need replacement. These repairs will make your home more comfortable.  Our team can provide testing on the duct work to identify the amount of leakage and where it's coming from. We will discuss our findings with you, making you better prepared to plan any repairs that might be necessary.


Contractors, are you tired of wasting valuable time at the building department pulling your permits? Leave it to us! When you have your HERS Testing done through CRDS, Inc, you can add on our permitting service for an extremely reasonable price. We will pull your permits & bring them with us to the jobs site, drop them off at your office or simply mail them to you. Contact us today to find out more.


Are you familiar with all the Title 24 forms, HERS testing, required Title 24 revisions, plan check and building department issues you might run into on your project?  Working with the builder, installers, energy consultants and building departments, we can ensure your project is in compliance with the T24 in time for final occupancy inspection.   Maybe, you just need help completing those forms for a residential or commercial project. Give us a call to discuss these additional services. 


Attn CF1R Document Authors

Does your project require a Verify Existing Condition to meet compliance? This is a verification we haven't seen much in the past codes. With communities, like Davis requiring above code compliance, it's increasingly hard to complete the CF1R without the Verify Existing Conditions by a HERS Rater. We will visit the project site, verify your information and report back to you if there are revisions needed.  After the CF3R-EXC is completed, the CF1R can be signed off. 


Residential & Commercial

Is your project a brand new building, remodel, addition or tenant improvement?  Because each build is unique, our team will work with you to identify the Title 24 forms and tests required for your individual project. From specialty tests like the Quality Insulation Inspections (QII), Solar and Indoor Air Quality Fans (IAQ) to Air Balance or Outside Air we can handle testing and forms completion for your building department inspections. 

Contact us today for more details about the services we offer!

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