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***Contractors & Home Owner Builders ***

Are you confused by the Title 24 requirements for your build?  You are not alone!! The CHEERS HERS registry has short online webinars and classes to help you understand the requirements and all those certificates.  There are two current classes linked below.

***For Homeowners***

***For Builders & Installing Contractors***

CHEERS is bringing you two Contractor/Installer Webinars in February! Join us on February 15 or 22 to learn about the basics of California Energy Code, required compliance documentation and contractor/installer responsibilities. Use the link below to register.


***Home Inspection Services***

Whether you are a concerned home owner or a realtor, we can provide inspection services for the home's mechanical, air sealing & ventilation system. Contact us for more information and pricing.


The dreaded permit process is different in every county and city.  Some permit applications can be done online, while others must be done in person. Some building departments require lots of documents and others require nothing but an application. Some cities and counties also require you to purchase a business license with them before you can apply.  Do you know all of these individual requirements?  We have an extensive list of what is required for Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado Counties.  Give us a call if you need help.

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Did you know the home owner and builder are required to hire a HERS Rater?  Although an HVAC contractor may hire a HERS rater, they must first get the home owner's authorization to do so. This leaves both contractors and home owners struggling to understand the process, tests required and certificates.  Since 2005, both HVAC change outs and new builds, have required a HERS Rater to complete various inspections and testing.  Since, the code changes every 3 years, it becomes increasingly hard to keep up, even for the HERS Rater!  We will work with you to keep your project on track with the Title 24 requirements, explain testing and assist you in getting all of the certificates completed.  With 17 years HERS experience and over 30 years in construction, our team members focus on a personalized service that meets the individual needs of your project.   We are not just another HERS rating company, we are here to help.  

Were you informed you need a QII insulation inspection for you new home or ADU?  This insulation inspection is required before the building inspector will sign off and you can start to drywall.  Give us a call when you start framing so we can work you into the schedule. This will be the first of many HERS verifications on your project.

Homeowners - did you have your furnace, AC, Heat Pump or duct work replaced?  Give us a call to see what HERS testing is required.  We will complete testing and provide certificates. You will need these before you call for the building inspection. 

Never had a HERS Test done by CRDS? Call us today and ask about our

First Time Customer Discount! 


Let us show you why we are the best choice for your Title 24 needs!

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